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Prizes of up to £25000.

Buy tickets from our lottery page: 50% of all tickets sold from our page benefits Lopping Hall.  10% benefits other causes in Essex.

Tickets cost only £1. 

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Loughton Amateur Dramatic Society (LADS)

Current Season - 2019/20

  Pressure by David Haig

Directed by Christian Mortimer

31st October, 1st, 2nd November 2019

June 1944.  The allied forces stand ready to launch for the Normandy beaches. Eisenhower is under pressure to give the right command.  His decision hangs upon the weather. Meteorologist James Stagg is under pressure to produce the perfect forecast.  The wrong conditions could jeopardise 350000 lives. 

“Pressure” is a gripping new play exploring the little known back-story of D-Day, itself a pivotal point in modern history.


Colder Than Here by Laura Wade

Directed by Adam Rabinowitz

9th, 10th, 11th January 2020

A deeply moving family drama from Laura Wade, mingles raw emotion with moments of sharply observed black humour. Myra is dying but determined to take control.  She plans her own funeral: visiting possible burial sites, researching cardboard coffins and forcing her
grieving family to view presentations about her ideas.  Her daughters and husband are torn between grief and bemusement.  Myra’s pragmatic approach forces them to recognise the need for communication both with their mother and with each other.


A Tale of Two Cities  adapted by Mike Poulton from Charles Dickens

Directed by Jean Cooper

26th, 27th, 28th March 2020 

Set against the turbulent background of the French Revolution and its attendant horrors, “A Tale of Two Cities” is a sweeping story of love, redemption and sacrifice.  Charles Darney tries to shake off his heritage as a French aristocrat and start a new life in London.  Upon returning to Paris to rescue a former servant, his family background is revealed and he is captured by the Revolutionaries. A fatal appointment with Madame La Guillotine seems inevitable for Darney.

  The Actress by Peter Quilter

Directed by TBC

11th, 12th, 13th June 2020

Lydia Martin, star and darling of the West End, prepares to bid an emotional farewell to an adoring public. Backstage her dressing room is bedecked with flowers from well-wishers.  A colourful crowd of faces from her past- family, friends and even enemies – assemble to join Lydia on this momentous occasion as she prepares to take her final steps into the spotlight and make that last bow.

In turns comic and poignant, “The Actress” examines what remains after the applause finally dies down.

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